Thursday, March 20, 2003

Whoohoo....March 20, 2003..its been 9months. hmmm? what i have i been doin that took 9 months for me to get back to my life? noooo...its not what you people think it is. since school ended, i haven't had marilou telling me to update my blog. a lot has happen in those 9 months, but its gone by sooooo fast. lets see. september i got a new job, i work at First American Credco in Scripps Poway Parkway. I'm the last civilization before the twisty turvey roads on the way to barona. I'm a data entry processor. I make $9.50 an hour baby. so i'm attending both San Marcos and Miramar. I was taking PSCI100 and ACCT203. My accounting class was Fridays from 9-12:50. how crazy was i to take that class. yeah...well i dropped that class. but its cause i missed too many classes.

well i've been sick the past month. the doctor thought it was a viral infection in my skin. kinda like the flu but instead of the fever and runny nose i got a rash on my face. he said there is no antibiotics and i just have to wait it out and that it should take a week. i went back a week later and he said it is almost going away don't worry about it. i went back again this week and he said "oh, it looks like an allergic reaction to something." okay..hellooooo i went almost 3 weeks without antibiotics so of course it got worse. i already missed a week of school and i went to work even though my face was a mess, but this week i couldn't handle it. so i missed work also. and then the doctor gave me a note excusing me for another week. Jaclyn has a vacation! but i can't do jack. the cream for my face is supppperrr sun sensative, so if i'm in the sun too much, my face will blow up. hhaha..j/k i'll just get a bad case of sun burn.

enough of sickness...what else has gone on. me and arnell celebrated our 4 years on Feb 19. Love you babe! we rented a hotel and the gang hung out and got drunk. it was fun. the gang has gotten really close since Thanksgiving i think. they all came over and drank, mikey through up. my mom took shots. it was great. then christmas we did secret santa. i made little stockings and ornaments for everybody with their names on it. maila, brandon, and ed came. it was cool.

the gang went to the snow march 8. mt. laguna. it was fun. snow hurts when you're not covered. i had pulled up my sleeves and then went down one of the hills and scratched up my arm. the girls dry their asses in the sun. it was funny. oh yeah. we have a new member of the family. mrs. hipolito. Menchi! Jon has a cuutttee! she is hella cool. she totally fits in with me n portia, "ALWAYS SPOILING OUR BOYFRIENDS!" but its good to see jon happy. its been a long time.

roxy is so big and sooo cute. she is still my baby. she is only about 60 something pounds and can pull about 200 pounds. she's learned how to jump the fence. not too cool. one day me and arnell heard her barking but it didn't sound like she was in the backyard. we looked out the window and she is in the yard of the people across the street. oopss!

my dad, uncle, grandma and grandpa left for the phillipines about a week and a half ago. been really quite around the house. we had a cousin's/friends day last weekend. we all just drank and played in between. you get two cards and you have to decided if the next card the dealer shows will be in between your set of cards. ace is the lowest and king is the highest. so it was me, arnell, marc, ray, mike, portia, shawn. well first the pot was up to like 4 something. then ray bet the pot. portia delt a ace. his card was 2 and Q. Or something. it was sooo close. so he had to put it however the pot was. so the pot was at 8 something then i bet the pot and won it. hahahah....GO JACLYN! and i think my cards were a 2 and a 10. then somehow the pot was up to 12 bucks. then shawn bet the pot, lost he had ace and a queen or something. and portia delt an ace. so he had to put 12 bucks in. then the pot was up to 20 something and shawn bet the pot again and lost with a close hand again. so he was out another 20. he asked to change dealers. so i delt then he won it back. he had an ace and K. i delt like a 7. so he was soooooooooooooooooooo happy. he was almost out 50 bones. it got intense. drunk people losing money isn't a good thing. (you probably don't understand what i said, but that is okay)

this is long enough to keep you guys updated for now. bub-bye

Sunday, June 30, 2002

well lets see...i was going to summer school at mesa. Math116 with a teacher who had a russian accent. she couldn't teach for shit. so i dropped the class. so basically i am just trying to live my summer up and work a grip to get some mulah. its pretty cool these days, i'm actually hangin around with girls again. lynda is home for the summer and i'm starting to kick it with portia a lot now and then i have my 2 new friends, maila and alyssa. they are hella cool.

nothin much is goin on with my life. i'm just livin it as it comes. i guess that is just the best way for me to do it right now. lately i've just wanted to go out n just not be home. but my mom ain't too happy with that. i just want to live my life to the fullest, but my mom wants me to stay home n stuff. i understand, but being nineteen and still having a curfew(i think that is how u spell it) really sucks. i'm always the first one having to go home and i have to drag arnell with me cause he is my ride. it really sucks.

oh...yesterday arnell, rj, roxy n i went to the beach. roxy was so cute.anytime there is a bunch of bushes, she loves to jump in them. but what was so cute about it this time,was that when she would jump in it, she would kinda hide under the leaves like a preying lion or something. it was so cute.

yeah...i don't know...there ain't much to talk about i'm gonna end here. till next time...

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Whoa! Long time no blog. i've been really busy with school and summer school. guess what! jaclyn got good grades. SPAN101=A- ECON250=A GESS101=A HIST131=B-
i'm now at a 3.1 i think. gooooo jaclyn! anywaise...well i got the job at jamba juice. i've been there for about 3 weeks. its hella cool. i work with my best friend in the whole wide world, RJ. Maila and Alyssa work there and they have been hella cool with me. i put my two weeks in at KB toys yesterday. so, i'm finally leaving them. i started summer school last week at mesa for math 116. marilou is taking it with me. its easy but for some reason i got an 50% on our first test, but the teacher's test was not really understandable. but yeah....

on june 13, matt graduated. i'm so proud of him. i made him 2 money lays...which i am dam proud of.

yesterday! almighty yesterday! heather from work had a graduation party at scott's granparents beach house in del mar. can u say nice? this place was tight. when u walk out into the balcony, you see the moon and the reflection leading to the balcony on the ocean water. it was sooooo nice. anywaise...we brought bacardi gold and bacardi limon. how drunk was i? lets just say i was a yackaholic last night. i was already drunk n high and then portia told me to take one more double shot (yes double shots, that was the only shot glass they had and portia would not let me take half the glass) of bacardi limon. i was like whatever and downed it...she started laughing and said it was bacardi gold. ok...i only remember certain parts after that. i remember portia knocked out on the chair and wouldn't move. i remember seeing her throw up on the porch. i remember the bathroom toilet quite well. i actually was at the point to where i was yacking with the door open. sorry for anyone who walked by. i remember us leaving. and me riding on arnell's back. rj and jason throwing portia over there shoulders, but to me she was just being flung. i remember arriving at arnell's and yacking on the drive way. i remember arnell bringing roxy to me. i remember arnell putting me in the back seat of his dad's car and then the next thing i notice is he is walking me up my stairs and then brings me to the bathroom and then leaves. i yacked for awhile and then took of my contacts and went to bed. woke up the next morning and i was fine. then i heard stories of what happened that night. they weren't that bad, but it was embarrassing. arnell said he was mad cause portia's n my underwear was showing the whole nite. rj said even portia's bra was showing. jon didn't want to comment on that subject. jon said we were loud and fuckin wasted. i was trying to set jon up with a girl he didn't want to be set up with. they tried to trick me n portia and told us we were dancing on the tables, but it didn't happen. but all n all, it was fun. we all got home safe, but the next morning. i found out i left my purse there. i call scott to bring it to work and i'll pick it up. i pick it up and i was jacked. someone stole $30 bucks from me. what assholes. i know it wasn't scott, but i don't know who it was. i still have to ask him.

anywaise...since i've started jamba juice, i've been talking to alyssa and maila and hanging out with them. i even took them to jon's house for mikey's graduation party. arnell wasn't there yet and it was kinda cool being there with out arnell, cause then i really felt like jon n jason were my friends too and i'm not just with them cause arnell brings me everywhere he goes. then today was matt's graduation party and portia, rj and jon came and arnell was at work, so it was cool knowing they would come to my family events even if arnell isn't there. i love my friends. they got my back. arnell, jon, jason and rj were totally looking out for me that day i got shit faced. being popular and having a grip of friends is one thing, but nothing beats having a few friends that are true friends.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

i think i'm getting sick again. i think i am sick more than i am well. well at least the semester is almost over.

yesterday i went to mirimar with marilou to see why i couldn't take math 116, they said i didn't meet the math standards, but i did really good on the elm test. so we go there and we sign up for the math placement test. the lady said if i got higher than 550 on the elm then i am exempt. and i thought i scored higher than that. so when me n marilou were waiting for my sister, we went into the library to check csusm's site cause it says what i got on it.

Test Desc Score Method Received Date Test Was Taken
SAT Verbal 400 Test Score Tape 01-DEC-2000
SAT Mathematics 510 Test Score Tape 01-DEC-2000

that is what i saw. the math i got a 510, but that was the SAT score. i was like..."awww mahn, i thought i got higher than 550. marilou said that isn't it. i look down and i saw this.

ELM Total 680 Test Score Paper 14-MAY-2001

a fucken 680! hell yeah i got higher than 550. and i knew i got like 20 points of the total score, but marilou said it was like out of 900 or something. i go home and find the papers with my scores and the test was out of 700. =0) 680/700. why can't i do that good in all my tests? so, marilou has to take the test by herself. poor marilou! ahahahhaha.....j/k i'll help u study marilou.

last night i went to IHOP with my mom and jessica. and on the menu they had two pictures of meals they had with chicken strips and boy did they look good. i was craving those for like the longest time and finally i was gonna get to eat them. WRONG! the waitress comes over and tells us the only, ONLY FUCKING THING that they are out of was.........u guessed it.... CHICKEN STRIPS! i told the waitress someone better make a trip to Mcdonanld's then. hahha...i'm so silly to my waiters and waitresses. i have good and funny stories about what i do. in new jersey i danced with my don't you wanna know how that happened. too bad...ain't gonna blog it. if ya wanna know. ask!

gotta go to class. oh wait. today is my first day on the job a jamba juice. wish me luck!

Monday, May 20, 2002

hi! it's marilou... i'm writing in jaclyn's blog... i feel special now. haha. well, i'm kicking her off cuz we have to go to class... boo... okay bye!! =)
finals are coming up this week and next week. i already feel the stress zits coming. on a happy note, my econ final is a take home and we have a week to do it. spanish should be easy, i've been acing all of them. hist 131 same thing, low A high B. GESS is so confusing with the grading scale, who knows what i got . well i gotta go to class now.

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

right now im in the computer lab waiting for marilou. she is doing her power point. today is going so slow. i'm bored as hell. oh...last night was pretty interesting. i saved my neighbor's from burning their house down. i smelt something burning and i started to hear the crackling of like fire wood. i look out my window and i see part of my neighbor's backyard glowing. it was near the ground, but i couldn't see what it was. i thought maybe it was one of those mini barbaque thingys that they forgot to put out. so i went in to my parents room to see if i can get a better look, that is when i actually saw flames. so then i run downstairs to tell my mom to come check it out with me. i took a chair and looked over the fence and there were two long woods piled on top of each other and the ends were burning. it wasn't that big, but yeah. so i go to my neighbor's house and ring the doorbell. they took forever, cause it was like 12:30 and they all go to bed around 10. but they opened their door and i told them that there is something in their backyard is on fire. we go into the backyard and the dad was able to put it out with his foot, maybe 6 stomps. that is how big it was. or should i say how small it was. so then they get the hose...blah blah blah and i go home. i was on the phone with arnell and all of a sudden i see red lights flashing. they had called the fire department. they had thought someone had set it on fire. the police man and firefighter guys were being dick heads. they were turning the story around and blaming it on them. i think at least the police could do was come to my house and ask me how i found out there was a fire. just in case someone did start it. the stupid thing is my window looks into their front yard and over into some of the backyard. and it was obvious i was looking through the window. the cop was even shinin his flashlight into my backyard but couldn't see me looking. *what an idiot*. i'm a hero! GO JACLYN!

Tuesday, May 14, 2002

1. What is your full name? Jaclyn Marie Canonizado
1a. Eye colour? brown (green with my contacts)
2. Do you have any nicknames? "Devil Child", hackaluness,
2a. Parents' names? Santy & Aida
2b. Favorite number? 19 (day of my anniversary with arnell)
3. If you could be an animal what would it be? bird, so i can fly
4. Where were you born? Chula Vista, CA
4a. When were you born? April 22, 1983
4b. Where would you liked to have been born? don't really care
5. How many cities have you lived in? technically 2, San Ysidro then Rancho Penasquitos. both san diego, but 2 completly different towns
5a. Where would you like to live? San Diego, i love it here.
6. What are your best characteristics? i'm weird, what better characteristic is there than that.
6a. What non-religous person has had the biggest impact on you? Arnell, the love of my life. I use to hate life and now i enjoy life knowing i'm with him.
7. What are your biggest flaws? flaw? me? hmmm??? i think smoking...its more of a bad habit. but its a good way to meet people. oh i know...i get paranoid way to easy. i'm a very cautious person and i think it drives people crazy.
8. What are three words that describe you best? Weird, funny, caring
8a. What are three words that LEAST describe you? tall, shy, quiet
9. Are you wild and crazy or reserved? i think i'm wild and crazy with a reserved twist. well, when the paranoya kicks in.
9a. Tattoos? Where? getting one, tribal angel lower back about 5 inches height and 4 inches width
9b. Piercings? Where? had tongue, got sick so i took it out (flem and tongue rings don't go together), then cartilage with a 14 gage spike in it, n 2 pierces on my lobes
10. What do you look for the most in a friend? trust, honesty, loyalty, humor, seriousness, a whole spectrum of characteristics that just flows with mine basically
11. What do you look for the most in a relationship? someone like arnell. someone who can take me as me with flaws and everything. makes me laugh, loves me unconditionally, the one thing i love about arnell the most is the twinkle in his eye that shines just for me, that just makes your heart melt.
12. What qualities do you look for most in someone of the opposite sex? k, this is what mr. perfect would be like....nice body, that dresses nice ( i dont know i have a thing with the guy has to have nice shoes....i don't have nice shoes, but they have to..), nice smile that you can't help smiling, etc. but in long as they are somewhat close to one of these things.
13. What always brings a smile to your face? arnell, babies or kids. i think there is nothing cuter than laughter of arnell, a baby or a kid.
13a. What always brings a tear to your face? knowing how much i hurt arnell when we first broke up. *sorry babe..i love you though*
14. What is your favorite movie? Ocean's Eleven, snatch, others, someone like you, 10 things i hate about you, coyote ugly- i love mushy love stories with humor in it and movies with twists in it.
14a. Favorite Book? Tuesday's with Morrie (read it for JR. paper)
14b. Favoite quote? "rollin like a bowling ball" --my economic teacher "life is like a dick, when it gets hard, fuck it!"
14c. Favorite TV show? Friends, Osborns, Cribs, Discovery Channel, Crocodile hunter "Crickey", Simpsons, Martin
15. Can you sing? pigs fly?
16. Can you dance? well...i don't wanna brag, but hey....if you're're good. what can i say?
16a. Can you play an instrument? use to play the piano and clarinet
16b. What other special talent are you proud of? i can make my ears move by themselves. =0) n i can make my armpit cave in 2 inches. =0)
17. Who is your favorite musical group? Wu-Tang....ain't nothin 2 fuck with
17a. Favorite song? all Wu-Tang's songs, Gator Boots (cause it bumps), Oh Boy, Awnaw,
18. What is your idea of a perfect date? going anywhere with a guy and he is a complete gentlemen(actually not just cause we are on a date), i end up getting roses, end up laughing so hard i tear, really get to know him by the time the date is over and a sweet kiss at the end.
19. Are you afraid of heights? i was, but im not anymore
19a. If you had a son, what would you name him? Randy, Jason, (guys are the hardest for me)
19b. A daughter? Raelyn Nicole, Alyssa Ranae, Drew Mya
20. Favorite smell? fresh air
20a. Favorite Texture? <---weird question...i don't know?
21. Favorite cologne? Cool Water and Curve
22. Favorite perfume? Avon's Josie and
22a. Where do you go for sanctuary? the cliffs in la jolla, but i haven't had to go there in a long time
23. Favorite style of clothing? my style
24. Dressed up or grunge? both...depends what is left of my clean clothes
25. Are you a sappy romantic? yes
25a. Been in love? Hell yeah..i am right now
26. What is your biggest life dream? to marry arnell and have kids and be rich and happy
26a. Greatest Fear? losin arnell
27. Hot chocolate or coffee? coffee
27a. Strawberry or Chocolate shake? strawberry
27b. Favorite Candy? air heads
27c. Favorite Ice Cream? cookies n cream
27d. Favorite drink (alcoholic)? smirnoff, bacardi silver, bacardi in general, alize, mikes hard lemonade, puckers,
28. Are you a go-getter or a stand back and watch person? usually a go getter but i get lazy but not a person that stands back and watches
29. Are you a daredevil? most of the time unless i really think danger is involved
30. Favorite food dish? sesame jack chicken strips
30a. Favorite Resturant? TGIFridays
31. Have you told the people close to you that you love them lately? yup..i just got of the phone with arnell and i just told him i love him. =0)
long time no post, but i finally have time. it's tuesday morning and i actually went to class. GO JACLYN! i am waiting for marilou so she can take me home. so it is now 8:55 but i have to wait til 9:45. so what has been going on? well yesterday arnell, john, rj and i went and watched new guy. it was pretty good. there was a lot of funny parts and it actually had a story line. what else? oh roxy bit me. =0) i was playing tug a war with her and i was able to pull the toy out of her mouth. she went to jump and bite her toy, but she jumped too high and bit my hand. well it was more of she closed her mouth on the toy and my hand and as she pulled down, her tooth scrapped about a 2 or 3 layers of skin. so i have this inch long cut that is deep enough that it hasn't scabbed yet. this happened......saturday i think? oh well....its fine...she is still a good doggy. yesterday arnell and i went to porky's house to hook up and i we went inside to see hennessee (porky's pitbull). and i remember when roxy was a lil pup, hennessee was already big. but when i walked in i saw this small thing. roxy is so much bigger and stronger than hennessee. roxy is about 2-3 months younger than hennessee, but you'd swear roxy is older. hennesee is trained more, but boy are her nails sharp. she jumped on me and i felt her nails digging into my leg. but since roxy stays outside most of the time, the cement files her nails. I LOVE MY DOGGY! it was funny...yesterday i was feeding her some of my nerds rope. she liked it.

ok...i go smoke now....cigarette break.